Welcome home Ma’am

She’s travelled miles
Over land and through air
She’s come home
To one of her many homes.
But this one is The One.
Everyone knows this home.
“You live in London?”
“You know The Queen?”
These are not unusual questions
Asked by locals on my travels.
It does not matter
That I live in a different part of the country.
For many people in foreign lands,
If you’re from England, United Kingdom,
And even Scotland or Wales …
You are from “London”!

Today she came home
To rest at the most famous
Palace in the world.
She’s at Buckingham Palace
Surrounded by her family
And hundreds and thousands
Who mourn
Who want to feel the event
An event to be attended by
Many dignatories from around the world.

It will be busy.
The organisation required
To bring in Heads of Nations

To the Capital City


It is a mamouth task.
There are people working 24/7
Arranging flight arrivals
And departures
Arranging security detail
Arranging accommodation
Seating plans
The Order of Services
The lying in State
The funeral procession
The burial
And more
Much, much more.

It is a mamouth undertaking
The Protocol that is involved
Is phenomenal
I have played a small part
In such an event
Working with the Chief of Protocol
To celebrate Independence in my
Country of birth.
It requires minute planning
Of the highest order
Right down to the finest detail.
There are people working 24/7
To make this happen.

I must not forget the producers and
The presenters of news, television, radio
They’re keeping us all informed
Of each days events

Click here to find out how to join the queue for the Queen’s lying-in-state.

Thank you to all who make this time of mourning memorable. Our Monarch’s farewell memorable. I will remember for a long time.

My family and I send sympathies to King Charles III and his family. 💕🌷💕

Welcome home Ma’am. Rest well Ma’am

The music for this blog … something I was sent and I think it’s suitable for this occasion … Frederic Chopin Noctutne in E-flat Major Opus 9, No. 2

Thank you for visiting

By Cecily Lalloo (c)2022

Feature Image by Cecily. Buckingham Palace awaits the Queen’s coffin.

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