Thistledown – Midsummer Bedlam 13: Afoul of a Fowl

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Ink Spills

We all find words that we like. Sometimes we find something at a moment in time when it means something to us. When it resonates just at that time. Sometimes we just like the saying and there is no other reason for sharing. Many sayings and quotes stand the test of time. Words may have been uttered many years ago, or just yesterday. How do you share your words. Your thoughts.

Being Happy

“BEING HAPPY means allowing the free, happy and simple child inside each of us to live; having the maturity to say, “I was wrong”; having the audacity to say, “forgive me”. It is to have sensitivity in expressing, “I need you”; to have the ability of saying, “I love you.

“Never give up …. Never give up on the people you love. Never give up from being happy because life is an incredible show. And you are a special human being!”
– Pope Francis.