Ever think of visiting Venus in a Canoe?

Space Dust

I’m delighted to be part of Author Eloise De Sousa’s Blast Off with Space Dust Blog Tour! I’ve read the e-book, and have bought a few copies of the paperback for our Littlies (small people in our family)! Eloise explains how important reviews are to authors, so I’ve written my review and sharing it here. Will it spur you on to buy a book or two – remember Christmas is just around the corner! Do read Eloise’s blog BECAUSE … the first 10 readers will receive a free Space Dust e-book … it’s well worth it.

Cecily’s review on Amazon

21 September 2019    Format: Paperback

Oh what a beautiful book for children from 3 to 11, and if you want to know my honest opinion, I loved it too and read it out loud to my husband who mmm-mmm’d (that’s good!)

Eloise de Sousa has a way with words. When I started reading I had a little lump in my throat but soon I was excited on the adventure with Big Ox and Little One, whose Mummy had left without even a goodbye! The theme of space is so relevant as our youngsters learn more about the Universe. The story gathers pace with Little One looking for his Mummy on the adventure that Big Ox has taken him on in a canoe with his “absolute favourite spoon”. They travel pass planets and Eloise has incorporated some real life information about Venus and Saturn, and “Neptune’s glassy cloud” in a subtle way.

Beautiful flow, rhyme and rhythm, as mentioned by other reviewers. Repetition is just right. Imagination is second to none – “sea horses swimming in creamy mushroom soup, Or spring onion beams for them to perform their daring loop-dee-loops” … can you just see it?

I love how sensitive Little One is when he tells Big Ox he is “very sorry if I sound like I don’t care”; but then sees how downcast Big Ox is by his remark. Little One quickly wants to get Big Ox back to his happy self by suggesting they continue their travels where he may see his Mummy.

Very sensitively written. I love how the story calms down towards the end as sleep overtakes Little One but we know that there are more adventures with Big Ox and Little One to follow.

The illustrations are brave and bold and love that they are by the author herself.

I’m so pleased that I have bought a few of these books for the young people in my family as well as close friends. I’m sure they – and their parents – will enjoy

Well done Eloise de Sousa!

By the Author, Eloise De Sousa

Thank you, Cecily, for allowing me to share my exciting news on your blog. The Space Dust blog tour has begun and to kick it off with a bang, let’s do a free give away to the first ten people to click on the pic below of Big Ox’s canoe!Space Dust Canoe


There will be more opportunities to win a copy of Space Dust during the blog tour, so jump in the canoe and let’s keep touring together!

For today’s blog tour, it might be fun to share a little more about the Space Dust’s journey so far, and the reactions I have received from my readers. Big Ox and Little One were fortunate enough to meet the young readers and their parents and grandparents during the Summer Reading Challenge this year. They fell in love with crazy creatures introduced along the way and chose their favourite book marker giveaways depicting the same. Some chose Big Ox in his canoe while others scrambled for the sea horses and fire bears! The boys and girls rallied round sharing their loudest fire bear growls and gave their best impressions of wiggly sea horses swimming in creamy mushroom soup.

My favourite moment during the Challenge was watching the more introverted children joining in to show me their rainbow ribbon trail leading up to the stairs, waving their hands in swirls and dips as though they were in the canoe with Big Ox and Little One. Pure magic. All the activities prepared by the fantastic librarians at the Bracknell Library Service ensured that each child had a chance to create their own wonderful Space Dust magic.

It would be remiss of me not to emphasize the hard work and enthusiasm brought by the Librarians to every event. Without them, most children would not have the opportunity to enjoy reading a wide variety of books, unless their parents could afford to buy them. The library is a great source of free books and, as I discovered, it is also a place where children can participate in arts and crafts, singing, meditation and even writing workshops! My contribution to the summer events was to hold a story time session at each library, sharing the Space Dust’s story with those lovely readers. With such great support, it was a success every time.

Every review of the book helps more children to find the book and the librarians have done their part in sharing the story to encourage more children to read and enjoy a journey into space.

Thank you for stopping by and finding out a bit more about this special story crafted for the local libraries to support their Summer Reading Challenge. Please click on the link below if you haven’t already ordered your copy of Space Dust. There will be more free copies available to win during the blog tour.

Click here to order your copy of Space Dust

Do send in your pics and reviews of the book, or any of the others. I’d love to share them with the rest of the readers.

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NOW … don’t stop here … continue your journey to the next blog stop on the Space Dust tour by clicking on this link

Thank you Eloise for stopping here on your Blog Tour and inviting me to join. I’ve enjoyed the ride!

I usually end my blogs with some music … now what shall we have? What about – Space Oddity by David Bowie!

I do not own the illustrations or video recordings on this blog. No copyright infringement intended.

I write when I have the urge. I write to express feelings. I write to explore my I write when I have the urge. I write to express feelings. I write to explore my imagination. I write about my thoughts and dreams. I write for enjoyment. I write to relax. I write because I like to write. If you find words that resonate with you, I’d love to hear from you. If you find a situation that reminds you of something, someone, sometime, I’d love to hear from you. Do hope you enjoy reading Cecilyswritings.

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