Flutter On By Another Year

Deep in my heart

Is the warmth

Of many years.

Is the light

Of people

Shining bright

On me.

Of love

Of empathy

Of anything

And everything

That’s good.


I watch as my

Years flutter on by

Great years

Sad years

Happy years

Wonderful years.


Would I change

Any years, months, weeks, days?

For the sadness

In buckets

With tears and

Shattered heart;

For the losses

Of family, friends, loved ones

I let go

When clinging felt best.

For the


That made me

Just who I am.

For the struggles

The toil

And the tears.

The living

In one room

With one sink

One bed

Not much more

But love

At my door.


Would I change

All this

For years

Of just bliss?


Forget it …

Not one hour

To change

Would I wish.

These years, months, weeks, days

Also hours, minutes, seconds

Have given me



Enormous love


That outweigh

Those contrary


When thoughts

Wash over

At the worst

The pits!


I want to give up

But kept


Carried on

Chin up

Shoulders back

Smile always

Through the pain

And the dark days


The sun always

Shines through.



As I hang on

To those silver threads

Binding me to








And rain.


Not one year, one month,

One week, one day,

One hour, one second

Can be changed

Nor would I want

To change


For I have learnt

From each and every

Step in my life

From each and

Everyone who

Passed through my


Who fluttered on by

Who stayed for

A season

Or a lifetime.


Not one memory

Do I sniff at

Not one memory

Shall I wish away

But cherish them

All for this

Is who I am

What I am

Where I am



What tomorrow

Brings I do not know

But open arms

Will I meet it

Come what may.

For yesterday

Can’t be taken away

And I’m


And grateful

To everyone

Family friends

And others too

Who bring my




Tomorrows too.


Proud to be Seventy today!

Since starting this blog some years ago – Cecilyswritings – I’ve shared music that I like or reminds me of someone, some place, sometime. I enjoy all genres of music. So what to choose for this blog today? This number by The Shadows brings back memories of my teens … Seventeen to be exact! This is the best that I could do to share this lovely video and sounds of Cosy by The Shadows. PLEASE CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW to watch and listen. Whoever complied it, thank you!



Thank you for visiting

Thank you to my family and friends who are supportive and follow my ‘thoughts and ramblings’. Thank you to my followers who keep visiting my blog. The novel(s) I’m writing will one day be published and hope you’re still here to read 😍. It would make my day if you leave me a comment, feedback, constructive criticism on any of my blogs. ❤️

Happy Day to you 🌷

Written by Cecily on 9 November 2022. I’d love it if you LIKE or follow cecilyswritings,on my Facebook Page. Follow my blogs at Cecilyswritings.wordpress.com and cecilystravels.wordpress.com. ©Cecily Lalloo 2022 and ©Cecilyswritings 2022.

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Feature image is by Cecily – on board The Ambience, Ambassador Cruise Liner, Norwegian Fjords, October 2022. The video is by Unknown, the music is Cosy by The Shadows.

7 thoughts on “Flutter On By Another Year

  1. Beautiful heartfelt thoughts and ponderings Cecily, of a life well lived to date! You have embraced all that has come your way – there is no sunshine without rain, but there’s always hope of a rainbow waiting around the corner! Enjoy all the rainbows you encounter in the coming years. Happy birthday! xx


  2. Thank you @Lucia! I’ve had good times and not so good … but all adds to who we are, right? Along with the hard work, friends, fun, and so many memories. Thank you for being in my life… we’ve enjoyed laughs and tears 😘


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