Autumn of My Life

I’ve been extremely fortunate to tick another ‘must do’ off my Bucket List. The hubby and I took a voyage on The Ambience – our virgin cruise to the Norwegian Fjords. What an experience … not least because we saw the aurora borealis, known to me and many as the Northern Lights. Click on the link to read more and see the photos.

Sunset over the North Sea – October 2022 – photo by Cecily

The sunset and the sea brought to mind where I am in my Seasons. It prompted my verse below. I sat on the balcony of our suite, watching the sunset over the raging North Sea. So beautiful is the sunset. So rough is the sea. It reminds me of us. People. Hidden depths. Not often seen by all.

Raging waters of the North Sea – October 2022 – photo by Cecily


The Autumn of my Life

The Season is now

The beauty of Autumn

Is all about me

The red and the gold

Of the leaves that bring


Autumn is a beautiful time

As I consider my

Spring and Summer

And what’s to come in Winter?

Ahhh! No need to fill my head

With the cool of Winter

It will come when it comes.

For now I savour

My warm Autumn

With the wind and the rain

With the shedding of the old

Tô keep warm and safe

Both mentally and physically

For that is what Autumn

Must do.

Give in

Let go

Savour the good

Look forward to

The warmth that dwells


Savour the good

Throughout the Fall

As he wraps me in

His loving arms

Tô take me tô

Safe places.

To explore places

On my bucket list.

We just don’t know

When our time is up

So do it.

Do it now.

Wonderful tunes for Autumn – found on YouTube

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Written by Cecily 22 October 2022. I’d love it if you LIKE or follow cecilyswritings, on my Facebook Page. Follow my blogs at and ©Cecily Lalloo 2022 and ©Cecilyswritings 2022. You’re welcome to share anything on this blog, but please give credit. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material, and photos taken by Cecily, without permission is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links (shares) may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given with appropriate and specific direction to the original content, or to other authors/writers/artists where they are acknowledged. Feature image is by Cecily from Flam, Norway.

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