Day: July 13, 2022

Just Being You

“Who sees each day go by
With hurt and sadness at the news
Of loved ones gone
But slowly
The beautiful memories
The laughter and the smiles
Are shared
With family and friends.

Who is thankful?
I am thankful that
My life is gifted with
Family so close
Not physically close but
In today’s world we know that
Life in cyberspace
Virtually, is just as rich,
Fulfilling and loving.

I have family and friends I love
But who I don’t see
When weariness sets in
Stay up and chat or you’ll miss them
Our mode of comms is
Messenger and FB
Teams and more
They’re keeping us connected
Thank goodness.

Today, tomorrow, and the next day
We’ll celebrate those life events
We missed these many months past
We’ll celebrate, my friend
The birthdays
The anniversaries
The births
The marriages
The deaths
Just being together
We’ll celebrate them all
With you my friend
With you my family
When we come together
At last
In the flesh.

Till then
Live well
Take care of you
And yours
Be good to yourself
Be thankful
For those you value
And who value you
For your
For your
For just being you.”

This is my message to you
Love from Cecily (c) August 2021 🌷😘🌷
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My music for today is Just Being You by Dwady (feat. Menna)

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