Thoughts – Names and Dots

I’ve been looking for names for characters in my stories. It’s quite a chore.

Is the name the right one for the period. Does it match the character. Should it be shortened or should they have a nickname, or a name of endearment by their loved one?

I’ve been looking at names on social media to give me inspiration. Usernames are fascinating. Sometimes part of a name is used, or half of one name and the other half of a partner’s name or child or even a friend or acquaintance. Sometimes initials are used from two different names. It reminds me of the name my parents used – Hilfran. Three letters from my Mum’s first name, Hilda, and the other letters from my Dad’s first name, Francis. This form of name is not uncommon, and makes for unusual character names.

Then there’s the use of single letters. For instance ‘a’, ‘e’, ‘i, ‘o’, ‘u’, or any letter, for that matter, which is associated with a first name. Or a group of letters that mean something to the writer. Days of the week and days of the month are very common, such as April, May, June, September and só on. I recently saw the name Ruby-Tuesday from the song – I think this is cute.


There’s also names associated with punctuation. The most common is Dot. But Dot is now used everywhere so using it as a character name may not be the best. In the example below, it’s even used to replace information. I hasten to add that this name was used long before the internet and is a short form of Dorothy!

Telegram : use of a dot to replace the bio

That brings me on to further research into the use of the ‘dot’ per se. Part of the internet standard is to use the ‘dot’ as an extension in a url such as Cecilyswritings[dot]Wordpress[dot]com; and in email addresses such as firstname[dot]lastname@gmail[dot]com.

The dot or several dots are used extensively in messaging. I was asked what a single dot means, or what three dots mean in a sentence or at the end of a sentence in messages.

The subject of dots became quite a discussion with a friend that resulted in us ‘Googling’. Quora provided a number of amusing responses!

Triggers for the imagination

When writing a novel, or any piece of writing, many topics are discussed, mulled over, written and re-written. What triggers the imagination is mind boggling. It’s stretching to have ones mind fuzied, to seek the extraordinary, to use the minds eye, to challenge.

What does ‘fuzied‘ mean in this context? It came to mind now as I was writing, so I don’t know. It seemed an apt word to use. It sounds suitable for the occasion … and so I did …

And here’s those three dots again! Now, I’ll get back to looking for names for my characters.

My feature image is a photo I took of a wall painting in São Paulo. It’s striking and looked more like a black-and-white photo than a painting. It caught my eye. My choice of music tonight is Elvis singing Kiss Me Quick! But it’s the dance video that his music accompanies that I hope you’ll enjoy. It was shared recently on a friend’s timeline and I realised that I had it too. No copyright infringement intended.

Thank you for visiting

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9 thoughts on “Thoughts – Names and Dots

  1. Finding names and nicknames for characters is interesting and fun.
    I have used Scrivener’s name generator and I like it. I may use combinations or abbreviations of suggested names.
    But, what I find most interesting, for English names, is to collect names from graveyards. I do this by throwing a dice before I visit with my notepad. If I throw a three, I will start at a random headstone and take the first name from that first gravestone, a middle name or surname from the third, then I move on another three. I continue in that mode through rows of stones until I have enough names to play with. It also helps to note dates from the gravestones to identify with periods of recent history.
    A variation on this method is to throw the dice twice, so that I might move 3-5-3-5 and so on.

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    1. Ooh Lance, thanks so much for your words of wisdom! This sounds like fun. I often walk through our local cemetery – it’s peaceful – so I shall give it a go. I have Scrivener but haven’t found the name generator – still finding my way around Scrivener so will take a look there too. Trust you are well?

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Hi Lance, thanks so much. I am using Scrivener for iOS – on my iPad. I can’t find the name generator and have done a ‘Google’. I don’t think it’s on iOS. I’ll have another look later. I may need to upgrade sometime as the desktop version has lots more to offer.

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  2. This is a lovely post, Cecily. Years ago someone called me a “collector of names.” That was before I wrote my first novel. I admit that I obsess with names. With the name of every important character I look up old meanings, and origins. All of those come from my heart. For lessor characters I often come up with “tricks” that I hope give the reader little cues, helping remember or prompting things. I’ve named over 400 characters in my combined works. That doesn’t count a sizeable list of characters that other writers have asked me to name. LOL, I love naming.
    Hugs on the wing.

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