This is why I love Facebook

It has it’s moments.

It’s moments that upset.

But it has it’s beauty too.

Facebook. Meta.

This morning at 06.30 my time, 14.30 my brother in Australia’s time, 01.30 my brother in the States’ time, and 08.30 in Southern Africa, we got together to Celebrate the Life of Kevin, our cousin, with his family and friends.

Kevin’s son made use of Facebook’s offering of the Live stream. I’m so grateful that he arranged this Live feed, it meant much to me, and I know to many of Kevin’s family and friends. Thank you Jason.

Thanks to Jason

We watched and took part from all corners of the world, whilst they were celebrating in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. I watched, still cosy in bed, and listened to the singing and to the eulogies from Kevin’s son, his close friend and his church’s Preacher. I listened to Kevin’s brother play his guitar and sing a beautiful song. I listened and read the messages about Kevin – a gentle giant – who was an accomplished guitarist. He was left-handed and self-taught because no one he knew could teach him to play left-handedly (is this a word?).

I have not seen Kevin for many years so it was lovely to hear about the man he had become. The loving father, the man of faith, ‘dad’ to many young people in his community. To learn about his love of life, his pleasure in spending time with people, his ‘no hurry’ attitude and his perchant to sit and listen. His characteristics are very much like his Dad, my Mum’s brother. In fact all the Timm family have that calm, unhurried way about them, always with a smile on their faces, warmness in their hearts, and the heartiest of booming laughs. Many of these characteristics are his Mum’s too!

My family and I were connected this morning through the Live chat, by using WhatsApp to share our thoughts between our family, sending messages to Kevin’s family and mutual friends, no matter where we are in the world.

How else could this happen if not for the imagination, forward thinking, intellect of ‘nerds’, and those people sometimes labelled ‘crazy’ – the innovators, the creatives.

The Live stream of my cousin’s uplifting celebration of his life is there on Facebook for anyone who wasn’t able to make it, to watch at leisure. It’s there for the family, when they have a moment and want to reminisce; it’s there I guess for as long as they decide. It’s there as a place for family and friends to leave their memories, their messages of sympathy. Our heartfelt sympathies to Jenny, Jason, Lindy, Kimberley, Aunty Vi, Paul and the extended family and Kevin’s friends.

Years ago I waited for weeks for a video tape to arrive of my sister’s life celebration. Like many who are miles and miles apart from loved ones, it just doesn’t seem real when we’re not physically present. However, with Live streams, we no longer will feel that emptiness and loneliness if we can’t be at an important family or friend event. We can still be present on a Live stream even if not there physically. In today’s world it’s not uncommon that all relationships have evolved, have had to make use of the many different social media platforms.

Keep it going Meta! Keep improving our social communications. I’m waiting to find out how we can be more fully immersed in celebrations such as todays.

Facebook can be used positively. 🌺

My choice of music for this blog is Time Will Tell by Tower of Power to honour Kevin, as well as Merideth, another of my young musical cousins who sadly left us too a few weeks ago. My brothers recall happy times with Kevin, and their friends, listening to TOP in their youth. Merideth too was an accomplished musician who, when she was as young as 3 years old, was discovered to have a talent for playing the piano ‘by ear’. May they both rest peacefully. 💕

Tower of Power “Time Will Tell” on YouTube

Thank you for visiting my blog

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Today’s Feature Image is from free photos by Oleg Magni; and the video is from YouTube.

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