Dreams Do Come True – Exciting News!

When a fellow writer, nay she is a published author, gets such great news, there’s a buzz in the community. I love how supportive this writing community is and how sharing tips, ups and downs just happens.

I’m a firm believer in Dreams Do Come True and Ritu has just proved it again. Read Ritu’s story – I blogged about her book Marriage Unarranged which was quite delightful and now there’s a series coming up – The Rishtay Series.

“… This heartwarming and beautifully vibrant series (with a good dash of humour) explores everyday issues facing British Asians everywhere including the “shame” of a broken engagement…” Spellbound Books Ltd

So excited for you Ritu and shall watch this space eagerly. Reblogging and wishing you much success 🌷

Ritu Bhathal

I’ve been at this writing game for a while now.

And, somewhere in my mind, it’s always been a dream for me to write a book, and see it, out there; a real book with my name on the cover.

I achieved that, all by myself, in February of 2020, when I independently published Marriage Unarranged.

But, deep down, I have always yearned for an opportunity to be traditionally published.

Little did I know, that a couple of years later, I would get approached by someone… a publisher, like, a real one, who wanted to sign me.

And that is exactly what has happened!

You are reading, officially, about me signing my first ever THREE BOOK DEAL with Spellbound Books!

Oh, my, what a rush!

I am so, so excited at the prospect of working with this…

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