Happy Christmas 2021

It’s 3 more days to Christmas

I can’t get over how

2021 has flown by

In front of my very eyes.

I look back to look forward

What has happened?

So very much …

My delightful grandson turned four, what? My daughter spent half a year with us in the UK which was fabulous; my son and his wife celebrated 6 years of marriage; my husband has learnt to cook some delicious meals; my eldest sister’s cottage is just about complete, my other sister has moved country; we’ve lost one of our darling brothers who is missed terribly; we’ve lost a dear cousin, and other dear relatives and friends – may they rest peacefully; we’ve found our nephew; we’ve spent time with friends and family who we’d not seen for 18 months or more; my team and I were fortunate to be able to continue to work throughout the lockdowns and pandemic, we employed an additional member of the team; we’ve lost clients and gained new ones; I’ve been supported in my business by phenomenal people; I’ve found new friends and lost old friends, online and off; we’ve welcomed new little people to our family; we’ve encouraged friends and relatives who have gone through challenging times; I bought a new car; I’ve written and published a book (yesterday the ebook was launched – Employing Care Staff in Your Home!); but above all, I am healthy. I give thanks for all that I have, all that I’m able to do and for all the opportunities to help others. I am grateful to everyone who has given to me, who has taught me and supported me in whatever way – materially, spiritually, virtually, emotionally. Every experience whether it is good or not so good, is a lesson learnt. Wherever you are in the world – family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances – thank you for being you.

You’re in my thoughts

Family and friends

Here’s wishing you all the

Very best for a

Happy Christmas with your

Family and friends.

Be blessed on this

Special Christmas Day of 2021

Enjoy the company of

Loved ones


And loved ones


No matter where they are.

Love. Joy. Happiness. Health. Wealth

Be yours.

From our home to yours

Wishing you whatever you

Wish for yourself

With love and hugs.

Dhiru, Cecily, Pri, Tricia, Manisha and Sebbie 🌷❤️🌷

My song for today? One of my favourite Christmas songs by one of my favourite singers. I don’t think I’ve seen this version. If I have, I don’t remember. Lovely harmonising in my humble opinion. Hope you enjoy it too. HAPPY CHRISTMAS.

Michael Bublé Duet With Thalia – Mis Deseos/Feliz Navidad – Live From NBC New York

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