Miles. Oceans. Land. Between us at Christmas Time

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas’! But the feeling isn’t as joyous as normal.

If Christmas is hard,

If you’ve lost someone dear

Just look in your heart,

And you’ll know they’re still there.


The star in the sky

The light falling snow

The Robin outside

It seems like they know


If this is a time

When you’re struggling through

Just do what you can

For what matters, is you.


There’s no need to be merry

There’s no need to be bright

Just do what you can,

It would all be alright.

By Lorna Gibson found on FB from Leanne Borg/The Escape To The Cheateau Fan Club and shared by my friend Maybelle Forrest

It’s Different

Chatting to friends today, there is certainly, in my view, a difference. Yes, we are sharing posts, music and words. In my heart we have had so much sadness this year and the year before, that it will be different, again.

I remember the people who have left us recently and I include my brother Gavin, my cousins James T, and Chris C, our dear friends Aunty Juliette and John DC, also a young client, and just yesterday a family friend. But oh so many other friends of friends and relatives of friends. We have all shed tears in past years as we bid adieu to our loved ones.

Although there will be empty places at our tables, we’ll remember them, as well as our families and their families. We’ll do the traditional “one for the departed” when we pour a drink. We’ll raise our glasses to our loved ones both near and across the oceans, and we’ll sing and laugh and reminisce.

There are fewer people at our Christmas gatherings than in years past. The children are now adults with their own families. Due to the virus, we’ve kept our friends and family meets tight, smaller, and we have had less get-togethers the past years. I miss them. But needs must. We do what we have to do to keep as many people as safe as possible.

Joyful Memories

I shan’t end this blog on a sad note! Our family and friends were happy people. They laughed and enjoyed life. They were loved and loved life and people. So let’s enjoy the time we have with our loved ones at this Christmas time, despite the sadness. Let the memories, be they happy or sad, stay with us as we feel the silver threads draw us together no matter where in the world we are. Let’s bring out the photos and share them on our social platforms with vim and vigour.

Something I love. Grandparents sharing photos and videos of their grandkids. Parents sharing special milestones, humour, sentimental photos and videos of their kids. Siblings sharing their memories and telling nephews and nieces about the “good ole days”. Our WhatsApp Messenger and Groups, Messenger Rooms, Telegram and Signal spaces will be busy, busy, busy! I won’t be at all surprised if there’s downtime on WhatsApp as past years with us all sending wishes to family and friends around the globe. This is where Zuckerberg’s latest dream can come into play. The idea that we’ll be able to be closer to each other, actually in each other’s space, even if we’re the other end of the world. I’m looking forward to learning more.

The Christmas sentiment is that it’s a time of loving and giving. I know that no matter what the personal circumstances, each of us loves and gives in our own special way. It may be material or physical, or a kind word or deed. If it brings joy to someone, somewhere, that’s special.

There may be many miles, oceans and land between us … but we’ll find ways and means to meet. Thank goodness for those ‘pings’ at all times of the day and night. But thank goodness also that I don’t have my sound on or I’d be too distracted.

Seasons Greetings

Seasons Greetings to you Family and Friends and Followers of my blog. Sending you love, hugs, joy and laughter, tinged with nostalgia.

Thank you for visiting my blog. Wishing you and yours a Happy Christmas when it comes … And Stay Safe

My song for this blog? You may be tired of hearing it by now but it really gives me a lift … so here we go with Mariah Carey’s … All I Want for Christmas is Yooouuu ! And there’s lyrics to sing along …

From YouTube

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Today’s Feature Image is a photo by me of our Christmas tree and the video is from

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