Day: October 31, 2021

Robbie’s Inspiration – Voting for the Halloween gingerbread smackdown is open

Welcome to a fun vote on creative Halloween Houses! Cast your vote – there’s some delicious candy spooky houses. It is a bit of fun on this 31 October. The kids will like it too ! POST REBLOGGED – follow the link below to Robbie Cheadle’s blog to see the fabulous houses and to vote – before the clock strikes midnight today!

What song for today? I chose Dusty Springfield’s Spooky!

Wishing you a wonderful, spooky, fulfilled day!

Cecily 🌷😘🌷


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Today’s song is from YouTube and feature image from Free photos.

Robbie's inspiration

Voting for the Halloween gingerbread smackdown is open and that means you need to head on over and vote. There are some excellent entries.

You can vote here:

This is my entry:

Happy Holiday Halloween Hextravaganza

Close up of the caravan, Count Sugular, his witchy wife and their baby in a coffin

Windmill with bat

Here is the complete scene including the sea monster with a duckie safety belt in the cracked mud pool

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