Day: October 12, 2021


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This blog is all about my friend and mentor, Eloise De Sousa. My children’s book, Cathas and the Squirrel Incident, is a “button being pressed” away from being published. It’s all down to Eloise. Yes, I wrote the adventures of the little ginger cat and the Peace family but she has done all the hard […]


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I’m sharing this blog written by fellow mentee Tessa Bremner, about our Mentor and Author, Eloise De Sousa. Tessa’s words resonate.

Eloise has guided me from thinking about wanting to write oh so many books, to actually writing and finally having at least one finished product in my hand. It’s just taken over 5, yes five, years!

I’ve only met Eloise once in the flesh, five years ago. So you can imagine what an impact she’s had on me as a mentor that I’ve finally gone and done it!

I can highly recommend Eloise. She encouraged, guided, shared her author and creative writing skills, whilst making sure my own voice was heard. She kept telling me, “This is your book, it must be what you want.” She told me to listen to advice, but that I don’t need to change if I’m happy with what I have.

Even when I despaired when one of my design features was not working for me, she told me to send the manuscript to her, and she worked her magic so I have what I really want.

Eloise goes much more than the proverbial mile for the people she mentors. If you have been procrastinating and need that “kick up the posterior” – in the nicest but firm way – you’ll not go wrong if you work with Eloise De Sousa.

Eloise, thank you for being you, believing in me, and getting me to finish a book. I look forward to working with you again.


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