Day: October 8, 2021

Eloise — by Tessa Bremner

This is a heartfelt wish from a fellow mentee of Eloise De Sousa. Eloise is waiting for a kidney donor. Any help in getting the word across to donors is greatly appreciated. As Tessa says in her blog, we did not realise how ill she was. Your help in spreading the word is greatly appreciated.

I am very slow in writing my blogs. I don’t feel I’m a very good blogger. But this blog is written from the heart and like one of my previous blogs, it’s about my friend and mentor, Eloise De Sousa. I was supposed to write this blog about my book which is almost ready for publication. I was […]

Eloise — Tessa Bremner

Click on the link above to read Tessa Bremner’s blog post on Eloise De Sousa.


Have you considered donating a kidney? If you’re not a match there are still ways to do so. It is not a decision to be taken lightly and the process is such that the person who needs the kidney is not personally involved. There are many tests and consultations and discussions. This link takes you to the UK NHS page that describes how to become a living donor.

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