Day: October 5, 2021

Cover Reveal – Book 1

Good evening friends, family and followers. Today I reveal my book cover to you. This is my first book. It is very close to the print stage. This is a book of awareness and education for people who employ care staff in their homes. There are many people in this situation and it can be overwhelming having someone in your home, when it is their place of work. Having someone, or many people, in your home twenty-four hours a day can be trying.

My work in HR supports employers who employ staff in their homes. The same employment obligations apply to people working in someone’s home, if they are paid, as they apply to people working in a large corporation. The difference is that families or individuals have already experienced trauma when the child or adult in their world suffered multiple complex disabilities. This may have been through an accident where they acquired brain injury or spinal injuries or similar. There are very fine boundaries when working in someone’s private home. As a paid member of staff, it may feel like you are part of the family, but respect, confidentiality and privacy are so important.

I hope that you will help to promote my book. There may be someone, somewhere who’ll find it right just for them. Employing need not be a hassle if you know the basic employment rules, manage consistently and fairly, and treat people in a reasonable manner, the way you would like to be treated. It also prevents or reduces costs that may result in doing something wrong as far as the law is concerned.

Thank you for popping in. The website will be up soon and I’d love to see you there where you can sign up for my newsletter. You’ll find out about the background to the image on the cover, as well as about the publishing company, the designer, Rayhaan Jassat who is my nephew, my journey, and the people who walked the road with me. I look forward to seeing you there soon. Watch out for more details.

I can’t leave this page without some music. So this song is dedicated to my writing mentor, with gratitude, who has been just phenomenal. Eloise De Sousa is an author of children’s and adult’s books. She also runs writing workshops for children and mentors people like me who want to become writers or published authors. I can tell you that she has supported me and has never wavered even when I have. When I’ve had other commitments that took me away from writing, she did not pressure me but was there whenever I needed her. And I shall continue needing her my journey has only just begun.

But for now look after yourself 100% Eloise.

The song – Des’ree You Gotta Be

Great song by Des’ree

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