Day: October 4, 2021

What did you do without WhatsApp et al?

Well this evening, actually from about 16.30 this afternoon in the UK, it’s been a funny one. Without my friends on WhatsApp, Facebook and Messenger [Instagram], I’ve busied myself on the other apps – Twitter, LinkedIn, and Telegram. I know some who resorted to using the phone Messenging.

This is a good time to do a poll – tell me, choose only ONE – what app did you use when …

It’s times like this that I find how much I really miss my apps. It’s just so quick and easy to pick up a device and send a message and receive an almost [some take longer than others!] immediate response. It’s no longer a problem if you’re far away, in a different town, city, country, time-zone. You are still so accessible.

Another question. Honestly, how long did you fiddle about with your wi-fi or other network before you realise that it wasn’t your network but the apps that had gone down? Okay, I admit it took me a while, 20 minutes or so. It didn’t realise that my email and other programmes were working – after I’d powered the router on and off – well the hubby actually did the physical.

I can laugh at myself now – poor hubby was busy checking things and testing, he sent me an email and it still didn’t hit home for another 5 minutes that everything but WhatsApp and FB were working. I was busy typing a response to someone on Messenger when it happened …

Anyway, it takes an outage every now and again to make me realise that I shouldn’t have too many eggs in one basket – we all know this – but do we take action?

So tomorrow is another day. Having had time to play with my mobile phone’s accessibility feature, because a kind author told me about it, thank you D Wallace Peach, I’ve activated the VoiceOver so the phone says everything that appears on my phone screen. EVERYTHING, yes EVERY APP, EVERY INSTRUCTION, EVERY BIT OF TEXT … IF IT’S ON THE SCREEN AND IT IS TOUCHED, IT IS VOCALISED … and I don’t know how to stop it. It is quite funny. So I’ve switched my mobile off for the night for us both to take a break.

What music for tonight I wonder? Well something that is soft and gentle. Angelina Jordan has a beautiful beautiful, sensual voice. She was on one of the popular TV talent shows. Hope you enjoy her rendition of Welcome to my World and have a lovely evening.

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September Book Reviews

Reblogging – wow – so many great reviews. I’m ashamed I don’t read this many books a month. Thank you to the book reviewers who do. It gives me a synopsis from which to choose. D Wallace Peach reviews some lovely poetry here too, also Teagan Geneviene’s Dead of Winter: Journey 9, Doors of Attunement”, there’s also D G Kaye’s Memorable Moments of Menopause – “I found this book highly relatable and, at times, laugh out loud funny” says tge review.

Happy reading,

Cecily 🌷

Myths of the Mirror

September flew by, didn’t it?

These are all great reads, so don’t ask me to pick a favorite. Enjoy a beautiful October. And Happy Reading.

September book reviews include my4 and 5 star reads of poetry, fantasy, western romance, sci-fi, a memoir, and a middle-grade book.

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More than Coffee: Memories in Verse and Prose by Lauren Scott

This highly recommended and quick read is a compilation of a number of Scott’s personal and precious memories conveyed in both short prose and freeform poetry. A lot of those memories come with the luxury of a hot cup of coffee, but not all. They capture bits of time from idolizing Barbara Streisand as a kid to camping in the Sierras, and lifelong encounters with spiders. Embedded within many of the stories are heartfelt relationships with parents, spouse, and children.

Some of my favorite…

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