She Just Loved These Books – 2020 in Review — She Just Loves Books

If you enjoy reading, this blog is for you! I’ve reblogged from “She Just Love Books” as there are books of many different genres that have been reviewed. If you’re looking for a book to read, you just may find something here. Download to your #Kindle, buy online or listen on #Audible.

Curl up and read.

Have you heard about the Icelandic tradition where a book is given as a gift on Christmas Eve? Everyone then spends the night snuggled up … reading! – Just my cup of tea … follow this link to read about it here …

So, whilst you’re taking a peek at the books, you may want to listen (and watch) this amazing video of a recording of the popular Little Drummer Boy by Leslie Odom Jr. The video is beautifully colourful, and the rendition of this song is soft and emotional.

Now, it’s just left for me to wish you a VERY HAPPY CHRISTMAS on this Christmas Eve of 2020.

Thanks for following my blogs and reading – if you do – and see you at the beginning of the New Year!

With love, Cecily xx

Listen to “Little Drummer Boy” feat. Mzansi Youth Choir off of The Christmas Album:

Reblogged from

5-Star Rated Reads 2020 has been a fabulous reading year for me, and I’d love to highlight my favorites for you! There are a variety of genres and I’ll continue to add to this list as I finish up December! Use the links below to find the genre you would like to read about. General […]

She Just Loved These Books – 2020 in Review — She Just Loves Books


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This blog was written and published on Christman Eve, 24 December 2020.

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